President Obama transfers women and children from Artesia to the new for profit CCA detention center in Dilley, TX

Artesia is closing, but advocates aren’t fooled.  President Obama is closing the temporary detention center for mothers and children in Artesia, NM, only to transfer them to the new 2,400 bed detention center in Dilley, TX.  Use of so called “family” detention is expanding.  This new facility will be run by the infamous Corrections Corporation of America – a for profit, private prison corporation.  Detention of mothers and children who come to our country to seek asylum is inhumane and cruel.   Using their detention to generate profit for a private corporation using tax payer dollars is shameful, corrupt, and disgusting.   FAMILY DETENTION MUST END.  Read the American Immigration Lawyers Association Press Release here:  ADMINISTRATION’S SHELL GAME DOESN’T CHANGE THE NEED TO END INHUMANE FAMILY DETENTION

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