US Supreme Court to decide fate of Obama’s DAPA and DACA programs

Supreme Court to Hear Challenge to Obama Immigration ActionsThe US Supreme Court will decide the fate of President Obama’s DAPA program (which would provide deferred action – renewable protection from deportation and a work permit – to millions of immigrants without legal status who are the parents of lawful permanent residents or U.S. citizens).  The Supreme Court may decide the case as early as June 2016.

The DAPA program, if upheld by the Supreme Court, may not be enacted within the remainder of President Obama’s term in office.  Democratic Candidates for President in 2016 have indicated that they will continue the DAPA program, but most of the Republican candidates have indicated they intend to dismantle the program and increase immigration enforcement efforts.  It is extremely important that CITIZENS who are lawfully permitted to vote in elections, register and VOTE in the 2016 elections.  Immigration is a key issue in the 2016 presidential elections.

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